Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Lucky Man

November has finally arrived, and I am about a week away from a well deserved 15 day vacation from Afghanistan. I was sitting here thinking about all the things that I have going on during my mid-tour leave. Things like my 11 year anniversary and our romantic getaway in Kansas City, Thanksgiving dinner, visits with friends and family, and my upcoming Quail and Pheasant hunting trip with a few good friends. And that’s when it occurred to me......I am one hell of a lucky guy. I have been married to Kristy for 11 years this November and she has put up with a lot. Everything from missed birthdays, anniversaries, and not to mention 3 years of running the house and raising three boys all by herself while I have been deployed to both Iraq and Afghanistan. After being gone for 6 months I didn’t think I stood a chance in getting approval to spend a few days to chase Quail and Pheasant with the dogs and a few good friends, but without any hesitation she blessed off on it. She is an amazing woman and I am lucky to have her.