Friday, July 13, 2012

Book Review; Andrew Wayments "Heaven on Earth"

                I recently purchased Andrew Wayment’s , book “Heaven on Earth” and was extremely pleased with what I found awaiting me inside.  The book is a series of stories about his life that takes you from his law school days where he found solace from the competition and stress of law school on the water of Potlach Creek to present day where he still finds that same soothing peace on the waters of the “Mini Madison” and all the struggles and strife in between.  The way he describes the peace that comes from being on the water is something that as outdoorsman and outdoors-women I think we can all certainly relate to.   Also included in the book are several helpful fishing tips and trust me, those alone are worth the price of addmission. His ability to spin a tale is second to none and I highly recommend you grab his book and pull up a chair and enjoy a little heaven on earth.

                You can purchase signed copies of Andrew’s book at

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