Friday, February 24, 2012

A Fathers Hope

      It only seems like yesterday that Kristy gave birth our son Hunter. He came into this world roughly three months premature weighing in at a whopping two pounds fifteen ounces, he was no longer than from tip of my fingers to the bottom of my wristwatch, and he had to fight for his life from the very beginning. To be honest those first few weeks of his life is nothing but a blur. I am sure Kristy could give all the details, the different procedures he had to endure; but frankly the only thing I really remember is being scared to death.

      Hunter will be twelve today, and it blows my mind just how fast that time has went by. It saddens me that I have missed so much of his life and I hope he understands the sacrifices I have made and forgives me for my prolonged absences. I cherish the time that we have spent together in the outdoors, whether it be fishing for bluegills off the fishing dock at Wilson Lake, or attending field trials together. It’s those moments when I am able to share my passion of the outdoors with him that I am happiest.  Years from now when I am long gone from this world, I hope that he looks back with fondness on the time we spent together in the field.  And that those memories put a smile on his face, for they have certainly put a smile on mine.