Monday, June 18, 2012

They've created a monster

Back in December I wrote about resolutions.  I had four resolutions; Get the dogs into as many species as possible, have my setter steady to wing shot and fall, take more pictures of the dogs, and lastly learn to fly fish.  Like it can go with resolutions I haven’t completed them all. 

Now in my defense it’s not hunting season yet, so I can’t get the dogs into a bunch of different species of birds, and my pigeons aren’t ready to home from our training spot yet, so training isn’t going exactly as planned.   I am doing ok about getting out with my camera when I run dogs, but this post is about the last resolution, learning to fly fish.

Ever since I moved to Colorado I have wanted to learn to fly fish, the problem was I knew absolutely nothing about it.  I didn’t know how to rig my flies, what flies to use, how to cast, basically I knew nothing and was getting frustrated fast, and that’s when a little luck comes in.  I am blessed to live in an area of the country where there is plenty of access to good trout water, but I am REALLY blessed to have had three friends who were willing to help a young guy learn the sport.   Robb Morris, Gregg Stevens, and Shawn Wayment are all guys that I met online on various dog forums that showed interest in helping me out when I mentioned the struggle I was having learning to fish. 

Robb emailed me a document that he wrote (it should be published by the way) that was very helpful in teaching me how to cast.   While Gregg and Shawn both took me out to local rivers and taught me the hands on portion of how to fish those rivers.  And after just a few minutes of instruction I was catching fish.  The only problem is I fear that they may have inadvertently created a monster and I will spend the rest of the summer fishing the local rivers, streams, and creeks instead of getting my Setter ready for Montana….